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Why Does Your Heating System Need Regular Maintenance?

Maintain Heater
The weather isn't projected to dip down into Arctic temps just yet. Does that mean your pre-season winter heating check can wait?
Regular maintenance is absolutely essential when it comes to your system's efficiency and functioning, and that means you need to schedule an appointment every year, even if you don't think the winter will bring a major chill.
Using your heating system means that you're using energy. Whether it's electricity, natural gas, oil, or another fuel, you'll end up spending more than you'd like if your system isn't regularly serviced. You don't need to use your heater day after day just to see a rise in your bills. Even sporadic use can cause you to see an increase in the money you're spending on energy.
Why is regular heater maintenance so important and how can it help your home budget? Take a look at some of the top reasons why you should schedule annual service for your home's heating system.
Dirt, Dust, and Debris
Your heater has been sitting dormant for almost a year. The dust-clogged filter from last winter is still in place and you haven't done much in the way of cleaning anything in your HVAC system. You dust your living room, clean your floors, and scrub the bathroom down regularly, so why would you ignore your heater?
Even though a dirty or dusty heater isn't an eyesore, like a grimy bathroom, it can cause problems for your home. The dust and debris that's caught in the system is pumping back out and into your home through the ductwork and vents.
If you or a family member has allergies, this recycled dust- or dander-filled air isn't doing you any favors. It may make allergies worse or cause respiratory problems in people who have sensitivities.
Not only can the dust and debris coming from your heater trigger allergies, but it forces your heating system to work harder. Pushing the warm air into a debris-filled duct or through a dirty system takes energy — and this costs you money.
Regular maintenance can reduce the build-up in or on your heating system and lower your energy bills.
Preventative Maintenance
There's a reason why you take yourself or your child to the doctor annually for a check-up. Even though you aren't sick, the well-visit provides preventative care and detection of possible problems. The same goes for your heating system.
While it might seem like your heater is working efficiently or you might not notice that a part is wearing out, a problem may be lurking just under the surface. A qualified, trained HVAC technician knows what to look for and can spot problems before they go from minor to major. This can save you money in the long run.
Instead of waiting until your heater turns off mid-February or starts making an alarmingly odd noise, the pre-season check-up provides a way to catch problems, replace worn parts and prevent potentially dangerous damage.
Peace of Mind
Along with the cost-saving benefits of pre-season check-ups, regular heater maintenance gives you peace of mind. No one wants to worry if there's a crack in a pipe, some sort of electrical malfunction or a possible leak that can cause a serious situation.
Regular pre-season service lets you rest easy, knowing that your heater is working the way it should. This extends to your wallet as well. Knowing that your system is working as efficiently as possible lets you relax and know that you've done what you can to save energy, save money, and reduce your overall utility costs.
Do you need a pre-season heater check or annual maintenance? Powers Heating & Cooling can help.